Fillings are performed to remove decay and restore the affected tooth structure to its normal shape and function. It is called a filling because new material fills the hole that decay has created. If you have a tooth that requires a filling, Dr. Rowntree will remove the decay, clean the affected area and fill the cleaned preparation with a filling material. Teeth can be filled with bonded tooth colored composite resin or amalgam. If caught early enough, cavities can be treated easily and painlessly. If not treated , decay can ultimately lead to root canal treatment or extraction.
Repairing teeth — Cosmetic Dentistry in Kingwood, TX
We suggest a composite filling for treating a tooth with tooth decay. A composite is a tooth-colored filling that is made of ceramic and plastic compounds. These fillings mimic the appearance of natural teeth and are preferred among many patients and dental professionals. The unique mixture of materials used in composite fillings provides supreme bonding, requires less preparation and preserves the tooth structure.